Putting the Switchvox Mailbox on Your Desktop

Your Switchvox Mailbox uses IMAP, a protocol that lets your desktop email application access remote messages as if they were stored on your computer. In this case, it means that you can access your voicemail and faxes in your Switchvox Mailbox using your regular email application (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird).

Your Switchvox Mailbox does not offer outgoing mail service, so if you want to forward a message or a fax from your email client, then you need to use your regular email account for that outgoing email message.

To set up your Switchvox IMAP Mailbox in your desktop email application, you’ll need the following information:

  • The IP address or domain name of your Switchvox mail server. This is the same IP or name that you use for the Switchvox Web Suite.
  • Your email address, which in this case is your extension number, the @ sign, then your IP address or domain name. For example:

    101@ or 101@pbx.mybusiness.com.
  • Your user name, which in this case is your extension number.
  • Your password, which is the same password that you use to log into the Switchvox Web Suite and to collect your voicemail.

In your email application, start the process to create a new Internet email account. When you are prompted to enter the type of incoming mail server for the account, choose IMAP. Enter the rest of the information as prompted.

Important: If you are having trouble using your Switchvox IMAP account in your email application, talk with your Switchvox administrator. It’s possible that you need to use a different port number than the default (143), or that you need to set specific security options.

Subscribing to Folders

When you have your Switchvox IMAP account set up in your desktop email application, you can manage the same folders that are in the Switchvox Mailbox (Voicemail / Fax > Mailbox).

You can subscribe to all of the folders, or just the ones you want to use. If you unsubscribe to a folder, it still exists in your IMAP account, it just isn’t shown in your email application. You can always subscribe to it again later.

You can also create folders using your desktop application, and those folders are accessible in your Web Suite Mailbox.

  • To subscribe to your IMAP folders in Microsoft Outlook, highlight your Switchvox IMAP Inbox and select Tools > IMAP Folders...
  • To subscribe to your IMAP folders in Mozilla Thunderbird, highlight the account and select File > Subscribe

In both applications, the IMAP Folders window is displayed where you can subscribe and unsubscribe.